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WHY 3.5X?


We want to inspire and mentor entrepreneurs who have a vision. We know its tough to start a business, so we want to provide the content and resources to build a community that is there for one another and for us all to reach the next level.

Whether you’re a person with an idea who has not took the leap yet, someone just starting up or an entrepreneur who have been in the game for some time and is now looking to scale up your ideas and businesses, we want to mentor and guide you through this journey.

Ideas, inspiration and motivation surround us all the time. Let’s not waste it, let’s build upon it and see where it can go!

Who We Are


3.5X is made up from a team of entrepreneurs who have been there and done it. It’s led by our founder Seb Francis; who is also the host of the show and took his entrepreneurial journey early on in life and now runs a very successful EdTech business; Titus. Established in the UK, it now operates globally with Seb calling Dubai & Leeds home.


Seb started Titus with the help of Virgin Startups and knows the value of good mentorship and advice. He is now on a mission to giveback and help others where he can. As a serial entrepreneur; Seb is always on the lookout for a good opportunity so as well as Titus, he has co-founded a Tequila brand and sports betting company, 3.5X and is also now Co Founder of Kapes; a major sustainable school uniform business.




As you probably know, 3.5X evolved from The Startup Secrets podcast. We can now help startups, entreprenuers and businesses looking to scale as we’ve been there and done it. The brand name was inspired from the fact that mentored startups are 3.5x more likely to succeed and raise 7x more money. So let us be your mentor and achieve business success.

We also wanted to bring you video content, guides, courses, mentorship and other resources to cover everything you will ever need to start up, scale, and evolve your ideas. 

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Seb Francis is the founder and host of the 3.5X Podcast. 

Hey everyone and thanks for checking out 3.5X! Let me tell you a bit about myself and the podcast…

I’ve always had the ‘entrepreneurial bug’ and knew that one day I’d be running my own company…I just didn’t quite know what it would be. After dropping out of university in 2010, I found myself working in the EdTech sector. With what started as a junior sales role, it quickly grew into a more senior business development role where I was working with a number of clients overseas – this is when I had the idea for Titus Learning.

I founded Titus in 2013 alongside my co-founder Mike. We were immediately working with clients around the globe, and as the team has grown, we’ve found ourselves working with clients in 15 countries including China, Germany, and India.

One of the unexpected byproducts of founding your own company is the amount of brilliant entrepreneurs and business leaders you get to meet – I’ve even had the chance to have a cuppa with Sir Richard Branson! Whilst this was awesome for my own business development, I wanted to share these stories with others either looking to start their own company, or already running one.

On the 3.5X I chat with amazing entrepreneurs and business leaders every fortnight, bringing you their insight, journeys, and top tips. We’ll cover a huge range of topics from, raising finance and planning your venture whilst working, to breaking stereotypes and building an A-list network.

It’s also not the easiest ride starting your own company, so if 3.5X can act as a support outlet whilst you’re getting setup, then all the better (I know there were plenty that helped me as I was getting started!).

Anyway, I hope that gives you a little insight into where the idea came from, and I really hope you enjoy our content.

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